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When you think of the security of our personal information and documents, then you are bound to be confused about the measure you should take. Between these ongoing confusions, tech experts recommend using Norton Setup antivirus, which is a product of NortonLifeLock Inc Formerly known as Symantec Corporations. It provides premium services to safeguard your data from cyber thefts and cyber criminals.

Online tasks depend on the internet to access important documents, even confidential details such as bank information and home addresses. Therefore, a lot of cyber criminals are active on the internet and keeps their eyes on your documents and steals them if you perform a minor misstep. One can visit instantly to install an all-rounder protection shield for the device.

Norton Setup
Norton Setup
Below are the instructions to know how to install and take a subscription to Norton provided by Symantec.

Methods for Downloading Norton Antivirus

It is advised to take care of the steps that you are going to follow for downloading antivirus on your device as one simple mistake may erase all data from your device.
        Launch your desired browser and insert in the provided search panel.
        Next, press the Enter key to execute the site of Norton.
        After that, hit the tab "Log In" and fill all your account credentials into the relevant fields.
        In case you are new to Norton, then you must create an account to avail of various protective covers for your data.
        If you wish to create a new account, then hit the option "Sign Up" and provide all the related information such as your Mail ID, username and finish the process by password creation.
        Next, you have to tap on Register now option and "Agree" tab for abiding rules and regulations as the last step of account creation.
        When you have created your account successfully, then tap on the "Download" option there.
        Now, the Download button will display two different option:
1.       Download Norton on the same device
2.       Download it on another device.

Note: You have to select one from the two options and hit the "Agree" button to proceed.

        Then, press the option "Next" to move forward.
        Those who have selected to download the antivirus on another PC, then they should tap on the Link sending option there.
        Now, input your mail ID and password to proceed.
        After that, tap on Submit.
        Now, launch your mail ID on the device you wish to install Norton software.
        Next, search for the mail received by Norton. Once found, then hit the download link to initiate the download process.
      Now, obey the onscreen indications that are displaying on your device and wait for the download process to complete.

Methods for Installing Norton Antivirus
Visit the site for downloading process and then pursue these instructions to install Norton on your system:
        Firstly, search for the Downloads section situated on your device.
        Once you found the folder, then tap on it to expand and tap the Norton file there.
        Now, the installation process will initiate automatically on your device.
        Then, you have to press the Agree button as your consent. This action is related to abiding terms and conditions related to Norton.
        Wait for a little for the download process to complete. It may take some extra time based on your device model and space capacity.

Methods for Activating Norton on your Device
Once you have successfully completed the setup process of Norton and installed on your device by visiting, then it's time to take its subscription by activating Norton. Follow these instructions to do the same:
        In the beginning, hit the "Start" tab and expand the search bar.
        Then, type the keyword "Norton" into the provided field and hit enter.
        Next, you will see that the Norton button will display, you have to hit it to expand its features.
        After that, hit the Norton file and navigate to My Account option and hit on it.
        Next, tap on the Subscription tab to proceed.
        The system will ask you to insert the activation key. You have to do the same in the relevant field.
        Now, hit the Submit option and proceed.
        Wait for a little for the process of a subscription to complete.

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  1. Its one of the best antivirus available in the market today, i have installed it in my systems and i am satisfied with its performance.


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