Best Opera Browser Tips and Tricks

The opera browser is a featured-packed browser ideal for multitasking program that is also included in Windows 10. You may have recently downloaded and installed the Opera browser into your computer, so you may not know about its features. If that is the case, then you can get help from this blog as here we will teach you about hidden tricks and tips of Opera Browser.

1) Checking WhatsApp and Facebook Messages on the Sidebar
It is the most useful feature of the Opera browser for instances where you are using your PC and regularly checking your phone's notification like Facebook and WhatsApp messages. There is a function in the Opera browser you can see your messages on the sidebar and don't need to download any other third-party application or software. To launch this feature on your PC, tap on the corresponding option and set up your account.
2) Use My Flow
If you are using Opera Touch in your iOS device and Android mobile, then you can send your mobile stuff from your mobile to your PC. This function is called "Use My Flow." To start this function on your device, you need a QR code.
Here are the steps to send or receive data from mobile to PC:-
1.      Launch the Setting.
2.      Tap the Advance option.
3.      Hit Features.
4.      Enable My Flow toggle option.
3) Customize the Start Page
 The new tab page and start page keeps a lot of information that is not relevant to you or useful to you. You can remove from the home page and also add any relevant tab to start quickly.
Here are the steps on how to remove irrelevant tabs on the start page and new tab page:-
1.      Launch the Setting on your device.
2.      Hit the Advance option.
3.      Tap on the Browser.
4.      Here you see a heading as Start page.
5.      Turn On or Off toggle button to hide things that you want to remove like search box, Speed Dial suggestion, Speed Dial, bigger tiles, etc.
4) Do Not Track Enable
All website has a different administrator's service to collect visitor's statistics that contain browser name, operating system, language, etc. Although you don't wish to provide your information, then you can enable Do Not Track.
Here are the steps on how to enable Do Not Track:-
1.      Start the Setting on your home screen.
2.      Click on the Advance icon.
3.      Tap on Privacy and Security option.
4.      Turn On the button when asks to send a Do Not Track request.
5) Use In-Built VPN
The Opera browser has an inbuilt VPN function that you can easily enable to block third-party software.
Here are the steps on how to enable in-built VPN
1.      Launch the Setting on your device.
2.      Hit the Advanced button.
3.      Tap on Features
4.      Turn on the Enable VPN button.
6) Battery Saver Enable
If your browser takes more power of your battery and you do not like this while using your laptop, then you can enable a battery saving feature in-built in the opera browser.
Here are the steps on how to enable battery saver features in Opera browser:-
1.      Launch the Setting on your device.
2.      Hit the Advance option.
3.      Tap on Features
4.      Turn on enable Battery saver icon.
7) Smart Text Selection
Some other browser is not showing any option when you selected any line or perhaps on the browser, but Opera does. Whenever you choose any words line or paragraph on the screen, instead, you got the three options on your screen as namely search, copy, and send to My Flow.
8) Edit Screenshots
If you are using the Opera browser on your device, then you don't need to download and install any other software to take screenshots. The Opera browser has an in-built screenshot feature that captures your screenshot without leaving the current browser.
Here are the steps on how to take a screenshot on Opera browser:-
1.      Start any Webpage that you wish to take a screenshot,
2.      Click on the Snapshot icon that appears on the address bar.
3.      Now navigate your mouse to select the area that you wish to capture.
4.      After capturing the image, you can also get some features to edit your photo as arrow shape, emoji, etc.
5.      Now you can save your screenshot on your device.
9) Important Bookmarks and Another Browser Setting
It is not possible to set and import bookmarks from another browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. Although it is possible to save browser history, save passwords and bookmarks and save cookies. To start to follow the steps:-
1.      Launch the Setting on your device.
2.      Hit on the Basic option.
3.      Tap Synchronization.
4.      Tap on important bookmarks and Settings.
10) Search Text in All Opened Tabs
If you have opened more than ten tabs in the Opera browser and you wish to search in the open tab.
1.      Tap the Ctrl+Space button together.
These commands show the result you have searched instantly.

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