Why an End-to-End Encryption Option is Needed in iCloud Backups

The topic of encryption has been talked a lot in the digital world. Before going into the details why it is needed and how to do it , people should understand the meaning of encryption. End to End encryption is a useful tool and required to protect the digital and private information scattered online. The question of encryption when it comes to Apple that the tech giant has any responsibility to secure our online information, and the answer could be yes. But, when asked the security provided to online information should be like that it could not be retrieved even when there is need then the answer turns somewhat complicated.

What is Encryption?
The users should have clarity regarding some points that Apple does not provide encryption to our iCloud backups, and even then, these backups got the protection. So, the whole topic is not of encryption but an end to end encryption. The users should understand that their phone, stored data in the storage program and the transmission of back up to iCloud are all encrypted. So no one can access it, but whenever Apple needs, it can obtain such as if some law or some law-abiding agency can compel the techno giant.  So, the question is, what is an end to end encryption and how it differs from encryption if both are meant to protect online information.

In simple terms, encryption can protect your online information but from the party or person who is intended to read it such as Apple as these are secured with some coded keys and that the intended person or organization can decipher keys. On the other hand, End-to-End Encryption provides complete protection as the information could be read by only the people for whom it meant and not anyone else, not even Apple can read it. The whole matter is related to keys as though iCloud backups are fully encrypted, but Apple can access it although it is not the intended recipient. It would be encrypted end to end only when the users could have access to the data they have created.

iCloud backups should have end-to-end encryption?
It is difficult to find a satisfactory answer to this question, but if the users will delve into the depth of the problem, then they would find that the answer should be no. The users can think of the situation when they lost their online data, and in that case, if their information will have end-to-end encryption, then it becomes difficult for Apple to retrieve the data for them. It makes it difficult for users to get their lost data. But, those who want to just their data protected and not saved, then end-to-end encryption would be the right choice.

The need for end-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption matters a lot for the political dissidents, journalists, activists as these groups always remain at the target of intelligence agencies, governments, criminals and their political opponents. End-to-end encryption provides complete security to online information, and so becomes a necessity to ensure the protection of these groups of people. However, it is difficult to reach a satisfactory decision regarding the issue as it has its pros and cons, but there should be a choice whether you want end-to-end encryption or just encryption.

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