How to Save a File as PDF

There are many ways to save or keep your file in PDF format. Now a days PDF is very popular on the online as well as offline basis. Users use Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs for creating and saving their file in PDF format. Users also use online platforms and different types of tools to convert a file whether it is in *.doc, *.xls, etc into PDF format.

Here are the ways given below for saving your data file as PDF.

Steps to Create a PDF on Google Docs on your System desktop
1. First of all, open in a new web page or browser.
· Now Sign In if required.
2. Press the Plus Sign “+” above “Blank” button and then tap over any file. Now press New Tab button present on the top-left edge of the page. Then a pull-down list will appear asking you to upload a current file or to generate a fresh Google Doc, Slide and Sheet file.
3. Now Press on File button. This is available under the toolbar option on the top of the webpage.
4. Click on “Download as” button then a list will appear as a slide bar.
5. Now tap on the PDF button. From here you can manage your file location and also name.
6. On the Mac, the item or document may save to the Downloads folder on your system.
7. Now press on the OK button to proceed if required.

Convert a data file on Google Drive into PDF format
1. Launch the address in a web page.
· Now Sign In when needed
2. Press button, “My Drive.” A pull-down menu will open before you.
3. Now press on “Upload Files.” It is the next option in the pull-down list. Maybe you will see this option on the top-left edge of your screen.
4. Search the desired file you wish to open and then press “Open” button. A pop-up list will appear before you with Google Drive page window consisting an uploader to the right screen of the bottom side.
5. Now tap your file under the pop-up menu. Here you will see that the file is opening.
6. Then you have to press on the File button at the top left side of your document page.
7. Go to Download as button. This will open a slide.
8. Now tap on the PDF button. Don’t worry if your computer’s data file manager flies out as a pop-up page. Here you can manage your file data location and name according to your wish.
9. PDF will mechanically save into downloads.
10. Click the OK button if required.

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