How to Create Google Fi on iPhone

The previous time, Google altered the title of its Project Fi to Google Fi. It is open to more Android device. It even released a beta application for the iPhone users. Users may have signed up for the 'Google Fi' with iPhone. All that is needed for creating an Apple stock on Google’s broadcast service is given below.

Compatible iPhone models
These models are compatible with Google Fi support page.
        iPhone XS.
        iPhone XS Max.
        iPhone XR.
        iPhone X.
        iPhone 8, 8 Plus.
        iPhone 7 and 7 plus.
        iPhone 6S and 6 Plus.
        iPhone %S.
        iPhone SE.
Along with an iPhone, you will require
        A Google Fi SIM card.
        Google Fi app.
        And an account of Google.
Directly order free SIM card via the mobile app or via Google Fi store
If you have a Fi SIM card, then just power off iPhone by inserting SIM card in. Turn the phone ON. Go to the Google Fi, and you will be asked to sign in along with Google account. Now just follow the setup process. It has changing APN settings on iPhone. It is compatible with which interface to equate to. It ensures the capacity to receive and send MMS. Fi app will tell you to type and deliver users the security to follow URL. It will be going to the MMSC field. Tap the button for copying URL. Users cant send any of the picture messages by typing the wrong URL.
When the URL is copied, leave Fi app
        Open to Settings.
        Go to Cellular.
        Then cellular Data Network.
People who are on iOS 11 need to do the following
        Open Settings.
        Go to Cellular.
        Then select Cellular Data options.
        Cellular Data Network.
        Type h2g2 with no quotation.
        Go to the MMSC field and paste copied URL from Fi app. Go backwards to the application if you haven’t coped it.
        Just copy and paste with no quotation.
        Go to Google Fi app and go across final screens.
        Go to the Google Fi app and get done with the setup process.
        Now iPhone should work on Google Fi.
Some caveats are their off course. Users of Google Fi iPhone would miss out on some of the features that are used by an official Fi phone.
Right now, Visual Voicemail doesn't work well. iPhone users can use hotspot feature only in the US. It doesn’t have any ability to switch between the networks. Users are being locked into using T- Mobile’s network for Fi experience.

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